What You Need to Know about Choosing a Hair Doctor


What You Need to Know about Choosing a Hair Doctor

Hair loss is becoming a problem that affect both men and women. For those who are late to apply for a hair loss treatment, a hair doctor seems to be the only solution. Hair transplants, DHI hair transplants, non-surgical hair transplants and hair transplant techniques applied by a hair doctor may be a solution for hair loss at this stage. 

A hair doctor plans a hair transplant process specially designed for each patient in respect of hair loss in women and hair loss in men. And at this stage, they first make research to identify the reason of hair loss. Since the reason of hair loss may vary depending on certain factors, they apply a hair growth treatment when the hair loss process ceases to proceed. 

A hair doctor and their team identify the number of grafts required to provide a solution for baldness problem, how many sessions are required for the completion of the procedure and, which hair transplant method is appropriate for the respective person. Before the hair transplant, the patient, who make research on the hair transplant cost in Turkey, the comments about hair transplant in Turkey and, which are the best hair transplant centers in Turkey, need to be careful about the choice of a hair doctor. 

Significant variables such as the experience of that hair doctor and, their previous success in hair loss treatments are important factors that may make possible for them to have health hair without any adverse effects of hair transplant. 

When Should You Make an Application for a Hair Doctor?

Processes of hair growth and hair replacement are not the same for each individual. When it comes to a baldness treatment, a separate plan must be made individually for each man and women suffering from hair loss. A hair doctor employed in a hair clinic and their team each member of which is specialized in their respective fields will first identify the reasons of hair loss before the commencement of a hair loss treatment for women or a hair loss treatment for men. 

Not everyone who suffer from the problem of hair loss needs to get an appointment from a hair doctor. Sometimes, in case of periodic stress, pregnancy, nutritional changes, excessive weight losses, the hair growth stages for men and the hair growth stages for women may change. And some other times, hair care or hair growth remedies may eliminate the problem of thinning hair. However, in some cases, the only solution for hair loss may be the application of a hair transplant procedure. 

Those who suffer from hair loss problems that are permanent and cause baldness need to apply to a dermatology specialists or surgeons, i.e. hair doctors. Specialists who first carry out hair analyses make it clear if the respective person has an additional problem that may cause hair loss. When the hair quality is reduced, the hair follicles become too weak and, the danger of being bald increases to much, a final solution is sought for the problems of the patients through hair transplant methods. 

It should be remembered at this stage that the respective person must observe their general conditions before the hair transplant, be aware of if there are any different symptoms and, have all detailed health checks performed before the hair transplant. 

Hair Doctor Identifies the Hair Transplant Method

Bald women and balding men would like to do hair transplant within the organization of a hair clinic, where the world’s best hair transplant procedures are offered. After the right hair transplant center and the right hair doctor have been chosen, hair analysis is carried out to identify how many grafts are needed for the balding area and, which hair transplant method should be applied. 

FUE is considered to be the most advanced hair transplant method. This FUE technique that was first applied in the USA provides a great advantage for those who want their natural looking hair back. The FUE technique that is not applied only for hair transplant but also mustache transplant, beard transplant and eyebrow transplant makes it possible to give the transplanted hair an angle. Patients are given a great advantage through this FUE technique in particular for the transplant of grafts on hairline area. Only specialists should apply the FUE technique, through which no cut or stitch is applied on the donor area, no scar is left after the recovery period and, about 4,000 grafts are transplanted during a session. The success of the hair transplant and the pro-transplant process depends on the specialties of the hair doctors and their teams. Please feel free to contact the specialists from for detailed information.

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