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Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplantation in United Arab Emirates

Hair transplant procedures are preferred by more and more people throughout the world. After the hair transplant procures that provide exact solutions for thinning and falling hair, both women and men achieve to have a young, dynamic and attracting appearance. Requests for hair transplant increase within the United Arab Emirates, and the procedures are mostly carried out in hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The friendship between these countries, the success of the previous hair transplant procedures applied for the people from the United Arab Emirates and, the fact that the hair transplant centers in Turkey employ the most advanced hair transplant methods are the reasons why the people from the United Arab Emirates prefer Turkey for their hair transplant procedures. 

We have gathered the frequently asked questions about hair transplant to help those who want to have hair transplant. Here are the details…

Who Could Have Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the cosmetic operations that the people from the United Arab Emirates request the most. The impact of hair on the beauty, handsomeness and attractiveness causes both women and men to apply to hair plant procedures. Everyone older than 18 who had a problem with hair fall but whose hair is no longer falling out may have a hair transplant if approved by a hair doctor. It is possible to use different methods for hair transplant that is requested not only by men but also women. Each hair transplant procedure should be planned based on the needs of the respective person. Since the baldness degree and the structure of the balding area are not the same for everyone, there may be some differences between the hair transplant techniques that should be applied. 

Which Technique is Mostly Preferred by the People from the United Arab Emirates?

The techniques mostly preferred by the people from the United Arab Emirates are FUT, FUE and Sapphire Percutaneous techniques. The decision on which technique will apply for hair transplant for which person is made by the respective hair doctor who analyzes the medical condition of the patient and, the progress of the hair fall. Since the results of the Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplant known as the most advanced hair transplant technique and, applied using special sapphire tipped surgical instruments are very successful, it has been intensively preferred more than ever in the recent times. Since it minimizes the risk of edema after the operation, Sapphire Percutaneous revolutionize the FUE hair transplant. 

At Which Clinics are the Requests from the People from the United Arab Emirates Received?

The requests from the People from the United Arab Emirates for hair transplant are received at the best hair transplant centers in Turkey. The most advanced hair transplant techniques are used at these hair transplant centers that employ professional and experienced hair doctors. Since eyelash, eye brow, mustache and beard transplants are also carried out in addition to hair transplant, it is possible to provide the patients with multiple solutions at one center. 

Does Hair Transplant Prevent the Patients from Going Back to the United Arab Emirates?

After the hair transplant, a patient may travel home if they act carefully and strictly comply with the instructions given by the hair doctors. A patient could easily return to their countries without loss of time if their travel is approved by their hair doctors. Since the hair transplant has become a procedure that causes less trauma in time thanks to the new techniques, travel after the operation is no longer a problem.

Is It Possible to Have Hair Loss Treatment before Hair Transplant?

The reasons of hair fall are various. Hormonal changes, systemic diseases, stress, instant sadness and environmental conditions are among the reasons of thinning hair. In such cases, it is possible to apply hair loss treatment before the hair fall becomes noticeable. If it is however too late for the hair loss treatment, the only way to have abundant and healthy hair is the hair transplant. 

And you are able to have hair transplant if you want to get back your young years, find a permanent solution for your hair fall problem and, have healthy hair. If you want to be one of the people from the United Arab Emirates who are satisfied with the results of the hair transplant procedures, you are free to make use of the privileges granted through

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