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The Number of Patients from Oman Who Seek for Hair Transplant in Turkey Increases

The number of patients from Oman who seek for hair transplant in Turkey, which is considered to be the world’s center of hair transplant, is increasing. The hair clinics, where the popular hair transplant methods are applied such as FUT, FUE, DHI and Sapphire Percutaneous, guarantee the most successful results. Due to the success of the results before and after hair transplant, the people from Oman requests also for other treatments such as eyebrow transplant, mustache transplant, eyelash transplant and beard transplant.

Due to the provision of such procedures for the definitive solutions for baldness problems, more and more people from all over the world who suffer from hair fall visit Turkey as the country where the world’s best hair transplant services are provided. If you want to fascinate everyone with your hair and, look more handsome, more attractive or beautiful, feel free to make use of the privileges from

Can Women Have Hair Transplant?

Although the most of the patients from Oman who seek for hair transplant are male, the number of women who apply for hair fall treatment is considerably increasing. Women, who suffer from local hair fall problems not only because of female type hair fall also due to diseases, traumas and medications, start to be among those from Oman who seek for hair transplant.

What are the Costs for Hair Transplant for People from Oman?

Patients from Oman who seek for hair transplant want to get information about the costs for hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplant prices are affected by the pricing policy as determined by the hair transplant clinic, where the hair transplant procedure is to be applied, the number of grafts to be transplanted on the bald area, the hair transplant method to be applied for the respective person and, the experience of the respective hair doctor. The costs for hair transplant at the clinics in Turkey are below the average in the world and, the success of the services provided is higher, which makes many people from Oman prefer the clinics in Turkey for hair transplant.

Who Could Have Hair Transplant?

Another issue that should be clarified for the patients from Oman who seek for hair transplant is who could have hair transplant. For hair transplant to be applied, the progress of hair fall should have been stopped. Anyone whose hair fall progress has been stopped, whose general medical condition is suitable for the operation, who have realistic expectations and, who are above 18, may take the advantages of the great results of the hair transplant procedures.

Does Hair Transplant Prevent Travel Back to Oman?

Patients who would like to travel back to Oman after the hair transplant may return to Oman after the approval of their physician and on the condition that they continue hair care after the hair transplant. When they should travel back will be decided by the hair doctors who have examined the patient and, monitors the course of recovery.

Will the Hair Transplanted Fall after Travel Back to Oman?

Hair fall after the hair transplant happens to 80% of the people who had hair transplant. Instant hair loss occurs during this period of about 30 days called shock hair fall. Hair fall is an indication considered normal and part of the recovery period. After this phase, the hair growth phase will start and, this will exceedingly meet the expectations of the patients from Oman within a period of 12 months.

Is Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplant Applied in Turkey?

All the techniques that may be requested by the people from Oman who seek for hair transplant are applied in the hair clinics in Turkey. Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplant, which is one of the hair transplant methods and which increases the comfort of the process after the hair transplant since it is an advanced method, is applied in the select hair transplant centers in Turkey. This technique which allows for the transplantation of healthy hair follicles removed from the donor area by means of special tipped instruments that contain real sapphires on the bald area guarantees a higher level of success.

If you are from Oman and seek for hair transplant, be assured to choose the clinics in Turkey, where the world’s best hair transplant services are provided for the hair transplant treatment. If you have questions or finalize your decision, please feel free to make use of the expert services from

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