Hair Transplantation For Women


Could Women Have Hair Transplant?

Hair fall, thinning hair and, the psychological problem caused thereby are not only for men. Although it does not cause a local baldness such as male type hair fall, women may suffer from hair loss due to female type hair fall. Unlike the female type hair fall, local baldness in women, hair loss caused by diseases and, receding hairline are among the factors that increase the demands for hair transplant treatments day by day.

When women lost their healthy, abundant and sparkling hair, they will feel aesthetically uncomfortable. Those women who consider hair fall treatment options and who are worried about being bald may focus on hair treatment procedures, but in case of obvious hair loss, the remedies for hair growth and making it thicker will not result in efficient solutions. Although the hair fall in women occurs on the entire scalp in a balanced way, they feel that an efficient measure should be taken. At this stage, the hair transplant is considered the most efficient method that satisfies the expectations of women.

What Are the Reasons of Hair Fall in Women?

The reasons of hair fall in women are a bit different than the reasons of hair fall in men. Hormonal changes and physiological deficiencies may trigger the problem of hair fall and hair loss in women. Changes in the level of estrogen, dietary habits and in particular, iron deficiency are among the most significant reasons for female type hair falls. Diets followed without being knowledgeable, instant weight losses are also the reasons that make women start seeking for a solution for hair loss.

In What Situations Could Hair Transplant Be Applied for Women?

In case of female type hair falls, in other words, when hair fall occurs homogenously, it becomes harder to perform hair transplant procedures. However, when women suffer from receding hair, hair falls from the scalp due to scars, in case of male type hair fall in women or local hair fall in a round shape, the level of success for hair transplant in women will increase. Before the hair transplant procedures, hormone tests must be conducted for women.

What Type of Hair Transplant Methods Could Be Applied for Women?

After the reasons of hair fall in women have been identified and the hair transplant decision has been made, the FUT, FUE and Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplant techniques may be used. In general, the FUT hair transplant technique is considered the correct choice for female type hair falls. Since there will be a hair transplant under the scope of the hair fall treatment for women, the FUE hair transplant method is often preferred. During this method, through which hair grafts are taken one by one, it is possible to deliver the maximum results when making use of the Sapphire Percutaneous technique to open appropriate grooves for the hair follicles. Please feel free to contact the specialists from to get information about Hair Transplant Methods for Women.

What Are the Prices of Hair Transplant for Women?

Like the hair loss treatment for men, the prices of hair transplant for women may vary depending on the size of the scalp where the hair follicles are to be planted, the hair transplant method to be used, the experience of the hair doctor who will perform the hair transplant and, the pricing policies applied by the respective hair clinic. Those women who look for the best hair transplant centers in Turkeymay have hair transplant for affordable prices at a hair transplant center satisfying the criteria of

When Should Recovery Be Expected After the Hair Transplant for Women?

Women who suffer from thinning hair and increasing hair falls may have abundant and healthy health they dream about after the successful hair transplant procedures. The recovery period after the hair transplant may vary depending on the hair transplant method that is applied. It is known that the recovery period is very short after the Sapphire Percutaneous technique applied only at the world’s best hair transplant clinics. Since 3-d grooves are opened at the same size as the hair follicles at the hair grafts taken from the donor area during the hair transplant performed using the Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplant technique, the risk of edema is reducing. So that any tissue damage on the area is avoided. It takes about 10 months to get the definitive solutions.

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