Hair Transplant Results


Hair Transplant Results

If you suffer from thinning hair and hair growth problems for years, you might be late for the hair fall treatment. If you have not applied hair treatment methods that make hair stronger, so the last and definitive solution for you is the hair transplant method.

It is normal that you have many problems in mind if you consider having hair transplant. You may be confused about which hair transplant techniques should be used, the recovery period after the hair transplant, whether you hair look normal after the hair transplant.

You may find here some detailed information about the phases that await you after the hair transplant and, the results of the hair transplant. Remember that if you are careful about the choice of the hair doctor and the hair clinic, then you will get rid of your baldness problem in the most comfortable manner.

How is the Recovery Period after the Hair Transplant?

The recovery period after the hair transplant is closely related to the hair transplant method that is applied. After the hair transplant that is performed using FUE and Sapphire Percutaneous, which result in the minimum level of tissue damage, once may return to their daily life as soon as possible. Complying with the instructions of the hair doctor about the hair treatment will increase the level of comfort in this period. The patient is informed about what should be done after the hair transplant and, what should not be done after the hair transplant. Those who achieve to have a good level of hair treatment after the procedure may get recovered without any side effects due to the hair transplant.

Will Your Hair Fall after the Hair Transplant?

Irrespective of the hair transplant method applied, the hair transplanted will fall as part of the process. This process called shock fall should not make those who had hair transplant worried. This type of hair fall is a temporary process and it may be considered an indication that the recovery period is continuing without any problem. This period of shock hair fall may take up to one month, but the hair will grow subsequently.

What are the Factors that Affect the Hair Fall after the Hair Transplant?

The extent of the hair fall after the hair transplant may vary depending on the skin type, the growth cycle of the hair follicles, the period when the grafts are kept waited, the stress one have after the hair transplant, the dietary habits and, the age of the person.

When the Hair Transplanted Will Grow after the Hair Transplant?

After the shock hair fall is completed, the hair start to grow naturally. Hair will start to appear in the form of thin hair within 2 months after the hair fall. After this period, the hair will start growing by about 1 cm per month. It is normal that your hair is weak, your hair will get stronger in time.

When Will You Get Fully Recovered after the Hair Transplant?

It takes about 12 months for your hair to look naturally, get stronger and shine after the hair transplant. You may apply to the hair treatment methods recommended by the hair doctor to feed the hair follicles during this stage. Feeding the scalp during the hair regrowth stage will increase the level of success of the results.

What Affect the Results of the Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant results may be affected from different factors. If one would like to get their natural hair back and get through the recovery period without any problem, they may prefer the hair transplant techniques of FUE and Sapphire Percutaneous. These techniques that are less invasive than the FUT hair transplant method may shorten the recovery period and reduce the complication risk.

Will the Hair Transplant Results Look Natural?

The most natural results may get achieved after the hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant through which hair grafts are transplanted one by one would make a great difference in respect of the natural look. In particular, the transplantation of the grafts taken by means of the Sapphire Percutaneous technique ensures that the person who had hair transplant does not look that he or she had hair transplant. It is possible to have successful results even on the front hairline area.

How Will the Hair Transplant Results Affect a Person?

Hair fall is a problem that could be frequently experienced not only by men but also women. Healthy hair has been considered an indication for youth, beauty and handsomeness for centuries. The hair transplant operations usefully completed in the world’s best hair clinics where you may get the best results would restore one’s self confidence.

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