Hair Growth is not a Dream!


Hair Growth is not a Dream!

Millions of people who suffer from hair loss are seesawing about whether they should take action for hair loss treatment. Those who are late to seek for a hair loss solution may not get the results they look for with hair care. Therefore, a hair loss treatment becomes the most valid and permanent solution. 

Hair growth of even those with healthy hair fails to reach the desired speed from time to time. Hair growth remedies start to be looked for when new hair growth process gets slow down. Since the reasons of failure of hair growth is as important as the reasons of hair loss in respect of baldness, the number of question marks of those who apply for hair transplant increases. 

In this article, you may find information about hair growth, hair fall, hair loss, thinning hair and hair growth after a hair transplant procedure.

What are the Reasons of Hair Loss?

There may be many different reasons of hair fall. Genetic factors, age, sex, dietary habits, environmental conditions and stress are considered to be among the reasons of hair loss. Hair loss process is actually the result of a series of changes. First, hair starts to become dull and, then hair growth stops. When hair growth stops and will not be cured with hair care, hair loss process starts. Therefore, the number of people who apply to a hair clinic seeking for a solution for hair loss in women and hair loss in men gets increased. Specialists are of the same mind that the most efficient method to be applied for hair loss treatment for men and hair loss treatment for women is hair transplant. A look at the comments about hair transplant in Turkey would easily reveal the satisfaction of patients after hair transplant. After making your decision about hair transplant, you should carefully select a hair doctor, who would identify which hair transplant method should be applied. 

It is Possible to Have Healthy Hair with Hair Transplant Methods!

A special solution should be produced for each patient when identifying the hair transplant method to be applied. The most advanced methods such as FUT, FUE or Sapphire Percutaneous intent to ensure that a patient would get their abundant hair they dream about without any hair transplant adverse effects. Hair loss is something annoying for women as much as for men. Therefore, bald women want to make use of the benefits of hair transplant as much as bald men. At this stage, a hair plant technique specially considered for the respective person and their needs should be extensively thought about.  In this manner, a baldness treatment may result in maximum efficiency. 

Hair Growth is an Important Sign

Hair growth speed may vary from person to person and, sometimes it is possible even for a person with healthy hair to face some hair growth problems. What should be considered at this stage is that those who complain amount hair growth need to have their hair health properly analyzed. In case of hair growth stopping, this might be considered a start of baldness. Based on the recommendations of a hair doctor, a patient may prefer hair care or seek for different methods such as hair growth treatment, DHI hair transplant, hair implant and hair transplant etc. 

For those who seek for hair transplant, when their hair start to grow is an important question. Of course, both men and women would like to get hair back within a very short period of time following the hair transplant operation. But, this would not be a realistic expectation. For hair growth, you should wait for the completion of recovery periods after hair transplant.

Hair Growth after Hair Transplant

As is mentioned above, patients are excited about hair growth after they have had hair transplant operation. However, it takes about 6 months for hair growth, which may vary from person to person. Those who have faced baldness problem for years would face different stages after the hair transplant operation. 

First, small and local crusts appear on the scalp. Hair starts to maintain for about 2.5 months after the crusts have disappeared. And then, the hair starts to grow. It is normal that hair starts to fall after the hair transplant operation. The hair falling will become stronger and grow again. The hair that starts 6 months later will quickly grow within a period of about 4 months and, get back its natural look. 

If you are worried about thinning hair and think that your hair growth has started to slow down, then you may consider the recommendations of a hair doctor. You may have special hair care solutions and, make use of the treatments specially offered to you. You may choose among the best hair transplant centers in Turkey and, open a new page in your life with self-confidence by making use of non-surgical hair transplant methods if necessary. Please feel free to contact the specialists from for detailed information.

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