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Hair Clinic 

Those who suffer from thinning hair would usually not immediately recognize this problem.  Hair fall starts to increase gradually, the hair becomes dull and, hair care cures are looked for to solve this problem. And when it is not possible to prevent hair loss, a hair doctor and their team working within the organization of a hair clinic are consulted with to try some hair transplant methods. 

You should be careful when choosing a hair clinic. Increased need for hair transplant, in other words, increased number of those who apply for hair transplant treatment have resulted in many hair clinics opening at the market. As the number of hair clinics in Turkey increases, people start to get stuck with the questions such as “Where is the best place in Turkey for hair transplant?”, “How are the comments about hair transplant in Turkey?”, “Who is the best hair doctor?”  

In this article, we share some special information with those who don’t know about the reasons of hair loss, who consider receiving hair loss treatment, and who are not able to make their choices amount hair clinics where baldness treatment is provided.

What are Hair Clinics?

A hair clinic is a center, where hair loss treatment is offered, hair analyses are carried out for individual patients and, hair implants, DHI hair transplant, non-surgical hair transplant and other hair transplant methods are applied if a need therefor is identified. 

Quality of the services offered in hair clinics in Turkey is quite high, since the hair transplant cost is reasonable within the borders of Turkey, hundreds of people who seek for a solution for their hair loss throughout the world prefer hair transplant centers in Turkey. 

Personnel of a hair clinic first carries out detailed research about the reasons of hair loss. Healthcare professionals who are specialized in both hair loss treatment for women and hair loss treatment for men carry out hair analyses; hair growth treatments are successfully offered by means of applying the world’s best hair transplant methods. 

Processes of Hair Analysis in Hair Clinic

Hair loss is a problem effecting both men and women. Women may suffer from hair loss problems due to reasons such as birth, stress, menopause, air change, life style, nutrition problems, drastic weight losses and scalp diseases etc.  And when the hair growth remedies result inconclusive, baldness becomes a problem of everyone that must be solved. Bald women and balding men prefer to go hair transplant centers not to be demoralized and loss self-confidence at every time that look in a mirror. 

Hair transplant centers carry out hair analyses for those whose hair growth have slowed down, who face thinning hair problems and, who suffer a problem of hair growth since the hair replacement process has not been completed. In this way, detailed information is obtained on if there is any scalp disease that may cause hair loss, the patient’s general medical condition, dietary habits, genetic susceptibility, and products used for hair care. Thereafter, the severity of hair loss is identified, research is made to understand hair regrows, information is collected about hair growth loop and, the problem with the hair is determined. 

Since a detailed hair analysis is carried out, a hair clinic is able to form special treatment processes for each individual. In this manner, the patient is able to have a new look through hair transplant techniques without suffering from adverse effects of hair transplant.  

How Should You Choose the Right Hair Clinic for You?

After the hair transplant, the results of the treatment of hair growth for men and the treatment of hair loss for women may vary depending on the specialty of the hair clinic.  Therefore, those who consider doing hair transplant is recommended to analyze more than one factor when choosing the right hair clinic for them. A sudden decision may affect the success of the results of a hair loss treatment and, therefore the choice of a hair clinic must be based on concrete reasons. 

During a research to choose a hair clinic, the following information must be properly collected: the technologies of devices used by that hair transplant center, which hair transplant method is used, the references of that hair clinic, how long that hair clinic has been operating in this field, the specialties of those employed in that hair clinic, how much that hair clinic attaches importance about the sterilization of the operating room and, the costs of the hair transplant procedures. 

At this stage, it is importance to talk face to face to the hair doctor and, assess the hair analysis results together to make the right decision. A hair doctor who is not only specialized but also experienced in this field and who proves their success through their previous hair transplant operations would of course give confidence to the patients. Please feel free to contact the specialists from for detailed information.

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