Before and After the Hair Transplant


Before and After the Hair Transplant

Hair is one of the most significant factors in respect of the concepts of beauty and handsomeness. The most permanent method for whose, whose hair growth process is very slow, who suffer from hair fall and, who are not able to avoid hair loss in spite of hair treatment, is still the hair transplant procedure.

The hair transplant methods such as FUT, FUE and Sapphire Percutaneous are selected considering the needs of the patient and, extensive analysis and planning are carried out by the hair doctor before the operation. Although there are differences applied after the hair transplant, the recovery period is very short compared to the past and, those who had hair transplant could quickly return to their daily life.

Since hair fall creates psychological problems for men and women, the number of applications for hair transplant is increasing. Since everyone is award of the impact of hair for being more well-groomed, younger and dynamic than they are, many people from foreign countries come to Turkey, where the world’s best hair transplant serviced are offered, for health tourism purposes.

This article is intended to provide information to those who have difficulties in making a decision about hair transplant and who have some concerns about the recovery period after the hair transplant and, you will find important information about what should be done and what should be not done before and after the hair transplant.

What Are the Preparations before the Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant procedure starts far before the operation day. The patient’s general medical condition and the reasons for hair fall are identified. The hair doctor decides the hair transplant technique to be applied for the hair transplant considering the hair loss and baldness percentage.

What Needs to Be Done before the Hair Transplant?

You need to have realistic expectations before the hair transplant procedure. You should keep in mind that it takes about 10 month for the hair to get settled and grow abundantly. Those who suffer from hair lost may be in hurry to see the results, but should keep in mind that this will take some time.

The patients who seek for hair transplant are recommended to identify the average hair transplant cost in Turkey. You should look for the best hair transplant centers in Turkey and, consider the hair transplant techniques such as Sapphire Percutaneous, DHI etc. Otherwise, you may face undesired results. Please feel free to contact to easily access the hair transplant centers that satisfy the quality standards to meet your expectations.

What Should Not Be Done before the Hair Transplant?

You need to stop drinking alcohol at least 1 week beforehand in order to speed up the recovery period after the hair transplant procedure and, minimize the bleeding possibility. You should try to reduce smoking if it is not possible to give up. Likewise, it is better not to take blood thinners and discontinue antidepressants. If you take regular drugs, you need to contact your doctor before discontinuing the drugs during this process before the hair transplant.

What are the Points to Take into Consideration after Hair Transplant?

During the performance of the hair transplant procedures, some groves are to be opened and some incisions are to be made. You should not drive before you are free from the impact of anesthesia applied to ensure pain-free operation. You should avoid contact of the part of your head where the hair follicles are planted with cushion at the first night after the hair transplant; consider sleeping keeping your head vertically as much as possible. You should strictly comply with the instructions of the specialists about hair treatment after the hair transplant, and never break these rules. Avoid any heavy work after the operation and, prevent hair fall keeping yourself away from stressful environments.

Will You Feel Pain after the Hair Transplant?

It is expected to feel minimal pain after the hair transplant. However, the advanced hair transplant technique have significantly increased the level of comfort of the patients after the operation. In particular, the Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplant technique minimizes the risk of edema and, does not cause a wide scale of tissue damage. And this speeds up the recovery period after the hair transplant.

What Are the Consequences of Failure to Comply with the Rules after the Hair Transplant?

You could consider hair transplant as a process. Even the most advanced techniques are used, failure to comply the rules after the hair transplant, the recovery period may be negatively affected and, prevent the success of the results.

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