Beard and Mustache Transplants


Beard and Mustache Transplants

Beard and mustache are very important for the image of a man. Thinning beard and mustache that may give very important about the life style, psychologies and of man would of course cause them to feel uncomfortable. The definitive solution for beard and mustache that may fall out due to different reasons or never come appear is the beard and mustache transplant procedures.

And if you are comfortable about the thinning beard and mustache or lack thereof, then you may achieve to look more masculine by having beard and mustache transplants. We will provide you with the answers to the frequently asked questions about the beard and mustache transplants.

Why Do Beard and Mustache Fall Out?

The most significant reason of the beard and mustache falls is because of hormonal changes, old age or diseases that may affect the hormones. Decrease in testosterone hormone, immune system disorders or skin diseases may cause a man’s beard and mustache to become thinner. The most definitive solution for the beard and mustache fall that may be triggered also by the genetic actors is the beard and mustache transplants.

What is Mustache Transplant?

The procedure, through which hair follicles with the same characteristics are transplanted on the area above the lips of a men after the hair loss thereon due to different reasons is called the mustache transplant. During the mustache transplant performed under local anesthesia, the area on the back of the neck or between the two ears is chosen as the donor area like the baldness treatment. Since the hair on the back of the neck and between the two ears do not fall due to genetic characteristics, these areas are preferred for mustache transplant.

How Is the Mustache Transplant Applied?

During the mustache transplant procedure that is performed frequently using the FUE hair transplant technique, the healthy hair grafts taken from the donor area are transplanted into the grooves opened on the area above the lips in a controlled manner. It is possible to take the advantages offered by the Sapphire Percutaneous during this procedure. This technique that could be applied only at the world’s best hair transplant centers may minimize the risk of edema on the mustache area.

Will Mustache Transplant Result in a Natural Look?

For a man who wishes to have mustache transplant, the biggest question is whether the mustache transplant will result in a natural look. After the mustache transplant performed using the FUE and Sapphire Percutaneous techniques, one could have a natural and attractive look. Since the skin groves where the hair follicles taken are to be transplanted are carefully opened, when the hair regrowth, no one will notice that you have had mustache transplant.

What is Beard Transplant?

The beard transplant applied on those men, who have thinning beard or no hair grown on some certain areas could be defined as an operation performed to make the beard thicker so that the patient could have more masculine and attractive look. During this operation performed under local anesthesia, the FUE technique is applied.

How Is the Beard Transplant Applied?

The beard transplant performed using the FUE method is applied following the procedure through which the healthy hair grafts taken from the back of the neck or between the two ears are transplanted one by one to where the beard becomes thinner or there is no beard.

When Will One Get Fully Recovered after the Beard Transplant?

After the beard transplant that may take about 6 hours depending on the respective beard area, there may be some rashes. These rashes that could be considered side effect of the beard transplant are expected to disappear within 1 week. It may take about 4 to 8 months to get full recovery after the beard transplant. This recovery period may vary from person to person. It is possible to get recovered in a comfortable manner by means of strictly complying the instructions of your hair doctor.

Will There Be Any Scar after Beard and Mustache Transplants?

Thanks to the FUE technique applied during the beard and mustache transplants, there will be no scar left. The most significant advantages of the FUE technique that increases the level of satisfaction of the patient is that it is possible to transplant on scarred areas, that the bleeding is kept at minimum and, the recovery period is short.

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